The Top free YouTube to MP3 converter 2020: Split audio from videos

Together with the right free YouTube into MP3 converter, saving the audio from movies is a piece of cake. There are tons of programs out there which claim to do the task, but some are full of advertisements, some are bundled with extra unwanted applications, and some restrict the length of the MP3s you're able to create. To help you avoid those, we've tested all the choices and hand-picked the five which actually deliver, are simple to use, and do not include any nasty surprises.

Converting YouTube into MP3 allows you to listen to music from a movie on site, if you'd like, or turn your favourite YouTube's station into a podcast which you can enjoy when you're working.

Bear in mind you need to only download content whenever you have the copyright owner's approval.

If converting YouTube to MP3 still appears to be a hassle, it is worth considering a audio streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music, which will prevent the necessity to convert any files in any way. If you would like to do more than simply extract music, the best video editor for iPhone might come in handy also.

Best free YouTube to MP3 converters in a glance

Any Video Converter Free

The Finest YouTube to MP3 converter - just copypaste and go

  • Outstanding format alternatives
  • Extra filters and effects
  • Profiles for Various devices
  • Bundled additional applications

If you're searching for a quick, adaptive YouTube to MP3 converter, this is the instrument for you. You'd be forgiven for judging Any Video Converter Free with its name and believing it to be a tool for switching from 1 video format to the next. While this is part of what it may do, it can also be used to download videos from YouTube and save them as MP3s -- exactly what we are looking for!

YouTube into MP3 conversion is not the sole purpose of the program, so it is rather bigger than you may anticipate, but this shouldn't put you off (but be careful not to put in the optional adware through installation).

It appears almost overkill to utilize what's a strong and versatile piece of software for just 1 job, but downloading MP3s is as straightforward as pasting in the URL of a YouTube movie and waiting for the download to finish. It's a shame there's no one-click alternative for converting YouTube to MP3, but it is hardly a significant hardship.

4K YouTube to MP3

Quick, easy to use and surprisingly flexible

  • No additional bundled applications
  • Choice of audio formats
  • Simple to use
  • Supports lots of video websites

4K YouTube into MP3 is quite like 4K Video Downloader (farther down this page), but dedicated specifically to stripping the sound from videos.

Despite its title, 4K YouTube to MP3 also allows you to save the soundtracks from movies from OGG and M4A formats, and you can take your pick from various bitrates so you can choose a suitable balance of speed and quality (though in our experience, even downloading at the highest bitrate is fast and painless).

Just copy the address from your web browser and click the green'Paste URL' button to start.

Perhaps most importantly, unlike some YouTube to MP3 converters, 4K YouTube to MP3 includes no bundled additional applications. Updating to the premium version to get a one-off fee will permit you to download entire playlists, but the free software is ideal for everyday use.

Visit URL now: Youtube to MP3

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Download and convert music, complete with album artwork

  • Very simple to use
  • Properly designed interface
  • Can unite videos
  • Includes advertisements

Free YouTube into MP3 Converter does exactly what you would expect (converting videos from YouTube into MP3 format) and it's perfectly safe to judge it by its title. Unfortunately, like Any Video Converter Free, there's bundled adware out of ByteFence to avoid, so be cautious during the installation and assess any additional bits and pieces that you do not need.

There is no need to fiddle about with choices, you may simply get on with downloading the music you are considering immediately. Use a straightforward drop-down menu to choose the quality and format you would like to store your music file, paste the URL, and click Download. Files are stored and converted into one fell swoop.

The attractiveness of Free YouTube into MP3 Converter is that there is no messing about, nothing superfluous, and nothing perplexing. It has one goal in mind, and it's been designed to do it as economically as possible. Certainly worth a try -- we are certain that you'll love it!

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Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

4K Video Downloader

Save sound from YouTube videos from MP3, M4A or OGG format

  • No ads or bundled software
  • May Download playlists
  • Only available for Windows
  • Long playlists require license

It might not be the most trendy software about, but like 4K YouTube into MP3 above, 4K Video Downloader is brilliant.

It works in a similar manner, too, but because this app is mostly for downloading entire videos, there are a couple of extra steps involved. Select'Extract audio' and pick MP3, OGG or M4A, click'Extract' and the audio is going to be saved and converted to the destination of your choice. Done.

You can download and convert longer playlists to MP3 format if you purchase a license key, but the program's free features are very impressive.

Check it out here


Just copy a YouTube video URL and ClipGrab will handle the rest

  • One-click downloads
  • Integrated video lookup
  • Supports many video websites
  • Bundled extra applications

A complete delight of a program, ClipGrab makes switching from YouTube into MP3 fine and simple -- besides the bundling of the Opera browser, which is easy to bypass if you prefer to avoid it.

The beautifully simple interface provides you a pleasant sign of just how simple things are going to be, directly from the word go. Copy a YouTube URL to the clipboard and ClipGrab will spring to action, offering to download the related video to you.

Even if this doesn't happen -- you may not yet have the app running, for example -- a quick paste into the relevant field is all it takes. After that you can indicate which you're thinking about downloading the audio as an MP3 before you click the'Catch this clip!' Button to do precisely that. The MP3 you search will be yours in next to no time.