How to download Youtube videos to MP3?

We sometimes need different audio from Youtube platform for several purposes. However, sadly youtube does not allow us to download youtube to mp3. And youtube to mp3 converter is one of the first solutions we might think of.

Why do we need to convert youtube videos to mp3?

There is one thing that we have to admit. It is that youtube is the best video platform available now. There are millions of video which are in different categories. When you need to find any information, especially in the form of video, you find it on youtube first. From education, entertainment, science, history, geography to psychology, news and history, youtube is such a perfect website.

Youtube is such a perfect video sharing platform

Youtube is such a perfect video sharing platform. Source:

However, youtube does not allow users to convert and download videos on its platform. The reason is easy to understand. Youtube does it to protect the intelligent property right. Besides, we all know that the owners of the videos can gain a particular amount of money for each view of their videos. If all users can download and use audios or videos offline, this will be unfair for artists and video makers because they have to take time and efforts to make each video. Therefore, that youtube prohibit users from downloading youtube to mp3 is understandable.

Our internet connection is not always stable. Sometimes we need audio for a particular purpose and keep connecting to the internet is troublesome while not necessary. For instance, you learn a foreign language and you want to practice listening. You want to get some audios from youtube sources so that you can listen on the bus or the train. Obviously, there is no need for an internet connection. All you need is a good youtube to mp3 converter which will help you to get the audios easily.

Of course, we do not encourage people to convert and download thousands of audios from the youtube platform. You only should get audios when you really need them. And you should do it when you get permission from the copyright owners.

How to download youtube videos to mp3?

There are many different websites and apps that allow users to convert youtube to mp3 and download them. For the best convenience to users, most websites are easy to use. And you will find it is easy to get audio to your computer. 

First, you need to copy the youtube video link and paste it in the box. Many websites and apps also let users type the name of videos they want to get in the searching box. Then users need to choose what they need to download. After that, you click on the “Download” or “Convert”. It depends on the web or tool you use. Done. You’ve got the audio you want with some simple steps to download youtube to mp3.

Best youtube to mp3 tools

So what is the best way to convert and download youtube to mp3? You may be overloaded when seeking for a youtube to mp3 converter because there are many tools available on the internet. We will list some of the best tools. Our list is based on a survey carried out on a wide range of users who regularly use youtube downloading and converting tools. is highly recommended. is highly recommended. Source: YouTube is highly recommended by many different users. The website is easier to use. You can convert youtube to mp3 with no difficulties even when you have never done it before. It supports downloading audios from several video platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break, Lynda, Netflix, Hulu, Soundcloud, Liveinternet, Youku,… offers many different resolutions for both audio and videos. And for each resolution, there are filesize options so that users can choose what is the most suitable for their demands. Besides, it is totally free. There is not any fee charged for each audio converted and downloaded.

First, you need to type the name of the video that you want to get and choose one in the suggestion list. In this step, it is better to paste the video’s link in the download box because the web is able to find it more quickly. Now click on the START button and a list of available options will appear. Choose the resolution and format you want and click DOWNLOAD. 

How to download youtube playlist mp3?

You want to convert and download many youtube videos to mp3. If you are not patient enough to wait for each file to be downloaded, you should try 4K Video Downloader. It is perfect. It works similarly to other youtube to mp3 converter. 

  • Copy the video address from a web browser and click “Paste URL”
  • Select “Extract audio”
  • Pick MP3, OGG or M4A
  • Click “Extract”

Your audio is now converted and downloaded.

There is no advertisement or bundled software involved when using 4K Video Downloader. This makes it easier to use this tool. You do not need to install different software to facilitate converting and downloading process.

Download a list of audio with 4K Video Downloader

Download a list of audio with 4K Video Downloader. Source: KnowTechnie

The greatest thing of this youtube to mp3 converter is that it lets users download a list of videos or audios. With the free version, you can download up to 24 audios. You just need to grab several files you need before doing as what we have instructed before. Now you can do other tasks while waiting for the app to do its job. If you want to convert and download a longer list of audios or videos, you can buy a license key. However, in my opinion, the app’s free features are still impressive and useful and there is no need to pay extra money for the advanced version.

There are many different times when we need audio to use offline. Youtube, however, does not offer this function for different reasons. We cannot do anything about this but finding a good youtube to mp3 converter. And it is not easy to get a good one. Getting a good audio downloading and converting tool may be struggling as there are too many websites and apps available on the internet. In the article, we list two of the most highly recommended ones that users should consider.

So now, do you know how to download youtube videos to mp3?