How to download youtube videos as mp4?

Perhaps you used YouTube - one of the top video social networking sites today. But when you want to download videos on YouTube, you don't know what to do, because currently on this social network there is no feature that allows you to download videos for copyright reasons. However, there are some other ways you can download videos from Youtube in mp4 format.

Download videos from Youtube as mp4 without software

Now, there are a number of websites that allow you to download all the videos on this social network very simply. You can apply this method to all kinds of devices from desktops to laptops, tablets, and phones.

Using SaveFrom

SaveFrom allows users to download free videos from many popular websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Twitch with just one click.

You can download Facebook videos as well as YouTube videos to your computer very easily. After adding a link that contains the video to download into the application, SaveFrom will display the options with different formats and file sizes for you.

With SaveFrom, users can download videos from many online video sharing sites for free with a variety of quality options. It is very easy to use, does not require software installation is also the benefits that this application brings to users.

Using Ybmate was developed by Muvi Downloader, it leads the service of downloading Youtube videos in mp4 format. Similar to other web sites, supports downloading all your favorite videos on YouTube. In addition, it also supports downloading video and audio separately of a movie in many different formats.

Y2mate supports downloading videos from YouTube

Y2mate supports downloading videos from YouTube

It has a neat and beautiful interface design with a dominant white color. Thus, users quickly grasp how to use right from the first use.

Using Ddownr

Ddownr is a web site that allows users to download videos from Youtube, movies, and videos for free from a number of major video sharing websites such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and This video download tool is completely free, it even supports playlist downloads. In addition, Ddownr allows to select the output video format, extract audio from video and more.

In case the playlist is too large, you can select the number of videos you want to download. For example, the playlist includes 1000 videos but you only want to download the first 250 videos, enter 1-250 in the Range box. To download the next 250 videos in the playlist, you just select 251-501 and repeat this process as many times as you want.

YouTube videos download software for Windows / MAC computer / PC

There are many ways to download Youtube videos to your computer. The following is one of the best software that you should try.

Using 4K Video Downloader

It is true to say that 4k Video Downloader is the best choice for users when they want to download videos with 4k or less quality from Youtube to their computers. This is an easy solution for you to get video content or audio, including subtitles and 3D effects, and you can download playlists on Youtube channels. 

4k Video Downloader is the best choice for you to download videos with 4k or less quality from Youtube

4k Video Downloader is the best choice for you to download videos with 4k or less quality from Youtube

You can customize the quality of the video downloaded by 4K Video Downloader. Of course, this must depend on the quality of the original video on youtube. There are many choices for you, depending on your needs and equipment requirements such as HD video, high-quality video, medium quality video, low-quality video. Portable 4k Video Downloader version for smartphones has similar features and does not require installation.

Videos are downloaded by 4k Video Downloader with formats: MP4, H264, AAC, FLV, H263, MP3. These are all popular video or audio file formats.

4k Video Downloader gives you 2 modes including Fast Mode and Smart Mode. Fast Mode helps download videos with available settings and original resolution videos, and converting videos to MKV; Smart Mode downloads videos in the simplest way without needing to paste content.

Video download speed of 4k Video Downloader is very fast, no less than the tools to increase download speed today. This software is supported on popular Windows operating systems, Mac OS or Ubuntu.

Using YTD Video Downloader

YouTube Downloader is an application that supports downloading Youtube videos in the easiest and fastest way. Not only that, but YTD also supports downloading and converting videos from YouTube as well as many other video websites. For YTD 6.7.3, it is not only convenient to download videos, but it also increases the download speed by 500%.

YTD allows downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, and many other websites. After downloading the video file, you can view them easily using any media player, even if you don't have Internet access. You can also refer to Facebook Video Downloader - Free Facebook video download utility for Chrome.

YTD owns an advanced download speed tool, which allows you to download videos 500% faster than normal speed. You can download 4K and 3D videos from YouTube if they are available. If you only want audio, you can check the "Download audio only" option, YTD will only download the audio file if it is available. In addition, you can download it in seconds.

Just enter the YouTube list ID, YTD will save you a lot more time when supporting downloading the list or selecting the videos to download in that list.

Especially, YTD allows downloading more than one video to save you time.

All in all, these are a few good ways for you to download videos from youtube. In additiom, there are many other ways that you can refer to