How to download mp4 from youtube?

If you are the type of people who love watching movies and shows on Youtube, you may consider which is the easiest way to download videos from it in order to watch your favorite ones whenever you want. In this article, you will be shown some simple steps to download Youtube videos in mp4 format. 

What is mp4?

Mp4, made by the Moving Picture Experts Group which is shortened as MPEG, is a file format that stores audiovisual data for people to use. It is known as a multimedia container format that brings audiovisual files to the public. Mp4 are encrypted with a technology from Apple called Fairplay Digital Rights Management with an aim to protecting some kinds of content on iTunes. Unlike mp3 which is the king of audio, mp4 is more flexible. The files on mp4 are handled with some specific codecs including TTSI, AAC, MPEG-4 Part 2 or MPEG-4 Timed Text. 

How to download mp4 from youtube?

Mp4 is known as a file format that stores audiovisual data for a wide range of people to use/ Ph:

Mp4 is one of the most popular video file formats used for downloading and streaming videos from Youtube via the Internet. This means nowadays, there are a huge number of customers using mp4 to download videos they want to see. It is very convenient and easy to use. 

How to download videos from youtube in mp4 platform?

After understanding the definition of mp4, you will find out that mp4 is such a great way to save youtube videos, channels as well as playlists. This format can provides videos with high quality for you to enjoy. And it is very suitable for iPad or iPhone.

However, not everyone knows how to download mp4 from Youtube in the easiest way. There are a lot of people getting confused when it comes to their downloading videos from Youtube in mp4 platform. So, here are some simple tips for you.

First of all, it is highly recommended that you need to read the Terms of Use or some explicit regulations before starting downloading something. This will ensure the contents you download are legal and you are totally able to have it on your device. 

how to dowload mp4 from youtube

Second, download and install 4K video downloader on your operating system such as Linux, macOS or PC. You have to make sure that your PC is connected with the Internet. By doing this, you will be able to download 4K video downloader onto your device. 

Third, you have to find the content you want to see throughout a wide range of different ones on Youtube. You can choose your favorite channel, playlist or video that are available on Youtube. Then, copy the link in the given browser and click the “paste URL” button once you launch 4K video downloader from the official website. 

For more information, 4K video downloader is known as a video downloader that is used widely by thousands of people around the world. It is a multi-platform video downloader app that you do not have to pay any fees to use. It is available in lots of desktop platforms like Linux, Windows and MacOS. And it can be used to download videos from popular websites like Twitter, Facebook, Convert Youtube to mp4 or Vimeo. Once you use 4K video downloader, you can download videos at a very fast speed and the videos can be at very high quality, depending on the types you choose. There will be quality types from 144p,360p, 720p to 1080p. 4K and 8K are also available. 

You can opt for the free version or the premium version to download videos. And of course, the premium version will cost you an amount of money. But it is not too much. So, even the person with an average income can afford it. With premium version, you will have an opportunity to get access to unlimited numbers of channels, playlists as well as subtitles. You will also receive more great benefits than the free one. Therefore, let’s consider well before registering the premium version. 

You have to copy the link in the given browser and click the paste button once you launch 4K video downloader/ Ph:

You have to copy the link in the given browser and click the paste button once you launch 4K video downloader/ Ph:

Now you have pasted the link you want to see, you will have to pick up mp4 format as well as the quality you want to experience. There are high definition (1080p and 720p), high quality(480p) and normal quality (360p and 240p). you should know that the higher the quality is, the higher MB it will be. In this step, you will also have to select the file on your PC to store the downloaded videos. Click the “download” button to download the videos or playlists and your favorite contents will immediately be downloaded right after that. 

Now, your favorite videos are already in your device. What you have to do now is to open the folder that saved the downloaded files and enjoy the contents you like. You can double-click on the clip or click on the right mouse and click “open”. In case you misunderstand something, you can watch a complete video guide about how to use 4K video downloader on Youtube. Then, you will find it much easier to conduct the process.

There are so many users worldwide have used this way to download mp4 from Youtube. And they have left a lot of good comments on how it works. One comment said that it  was super convenient and simple for them as what they had to do was copying and pasting the URL. Therefore, they can have more time enjoying their favorite contents with friends and family. 

All in all, the way to download mp4 from Youtube that has mentioned above is one of the easiest ones for everyone to try. Thus, do not hesitate to start downloading videos and playlists that you want to see from Youtube in mp4 format. Once you use this format, you will be very pleased because of its high quality and service.