How to convert Youtube to MP4 format?

In fact, there is a huge number of uploaded videos everyday on YouTube. However, you can only watch them when your devices have internet connection. Therefore, if you would like to watch YouTube videos on devices without internet connection, you need to download or convert them to other video formats such as MP4. So, which YouTube to MP4 converter can help you?

MP4 format and its advantages

MP4 is a digital multimedia format commonly used to store video and audio, but it can also be used to store data such as subtitles and images. Actually, MP4 files are like containers. MP4 also allows users to stream on the Internet. 

Today, users often convert videos from YouTube to MP4 format to be convenient for watching and storing

Today, users often convert videos from YouTube to MP4 format to be convenient for watching and storing

There are hundreds of different encoding, but just some of them can combine with MP4 players. A model which can read and run an MP4 file must contain the same encoding. Some common support encoding are: 

- Video - MPEG-4 Part 10 and MPEG-4 Part 2

- Audio - AAC, ALS, SLS, TTSI, MP3 and ALAC

- Subtitles - MPEG-4 Timed Text

These help MP4 files become more flexible than MP3. For example, M4A file which contains only MP4 audio can control Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and Apple Lossless Audio Coding (ALAC). Apart from audio, MP4 can contain videos, photos and text. You often find its various variations such as M4A, M4P, M4B, M4V. 

How to convert YouTube to MP4?

Today, with the development of information technology, there are a lot of YouTube converter MP4 tools and YouTube downloader MP4 tools for you to choose to convert YouTube to MP4 format. is a free converter tool which is highly appreciated by users. Apart from free downloading video from YouTube, it can help users download and save videos from many other sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Dailymotion, Break, Soundcloud, Lynda, Liveinternet and so on. In addition, enables you to convert many video formats: 3GP, M4V, MP4, WMV, FLV, MO, WEBM and so on. 

Ybmate converter

This converter is favored by a lot of users because it is not only convenient but also easy for use. You just need to follow some steps to download YouTube videos MP4 to your personal devices:

- Find video that is needed to be downloaded by selecting from the list or type video name on searching box. 

- Click Start button 

- Choose format in the list of video formats

- Click Download

Now, you are able to enjoy the videos in MP4 format.


Y2Mate YouTube to MP4 Converter is an exclusive video converter for all users in the world. It allows users to freely convert HD videos on YouTube into different formats such as MP4, MP3, 3GP, WebM, AVI, MOV and more. You can use this tool on all devices without limitation, which is the biggest advantage of Y2Mate. Whether you are using a smartphone, computer, tablet, Window 10/8/7/XP or iPhone, iPad, Mac; all of them are compatible.



As an online YouTube converter, you do not need to login any account to use Y2Mate services. All you need to do are to visit Y2Mate website and enter a link into the search bar. Moreover, you will not be bothered by any advertisements when using this tool. Y2Mate will focus on analyzing and converting YouTube links that you search for, then display a download link available for you. 

Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter is a popular tool of users. It helps you convert YouTube video formats in an easy way. The tool enables users to convert all video formats to audio or video on mobile devices, PDA, PSP, iPod, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3 (MP4, 3GP, XVID, DIVX, MPEG4, AMR and more). Moreover, it can create photo slideshow from multiple image files and music with more than 300 effects.

Total Video Converter

Total Video Converter

To use Total Video Converter to convert YouTube videos to MP4, follow some steps below:

- Download and install Total Video Converter on your PC 

- After installing, start the software to display the main interface

- At the main window, click New Task

- The Open dialog box opens, navigate to the folder containing video you need to convert. Select Video and click Open. 

- Select the Video File tab in Convert To section. Select MP4 as the format to convert and choose MPEG4 MP4 as the encoding standard.

- In the main window, click Browse, go to the folder you want to save the Video after converting. Click OK to finish.

- Click Convert Now to convert the video. After completing the converting process, you can access the folder containing MP4 files to check. 

Format Factory

Format Factory is one of the most popular video converter today. It enables users to convert YouTube videos to popular formats such as MP4, AVI, RMVB, WMV, MKV, GIF, MOV and so on. Moreover, it supports many other audio and video formats. 

You can also use Format Factory to rip DVD/ CD. With this tool, you can reduce the file size to the lowest level and still keep the files quality. 

Format Factory

Format Factory

Let’s apply the following steps to convert YouTube videos to MP4:

- On the main interface of Format Factory, click the Video tap, select MP4 format

- MP4 window appears, click Output Setting to set video output data. Click Add file to add video that you want to convert

- Open window appears, go to the folder containing the video needed to convert. Select Open to open the file

- If you would like to change the storage folder on your computer, click Change. 

- Click OK

- On the main interface, click Start to start the process of converting video to MP4

- The conversion process begins, this process speed depends on the size of converted video

- When the Completed line appears, the conversion process completed. Click on it, elect Open Output folder to open video storage folder after converting. 

If you are looking for a suitable YouTube to MP4 converter, hope that this article will helpful to you. Let’s carefully consider the features of each converter to have the most suitable choice for yourself.