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Facebook video Downloader

Saving a Facebook video has never been this easy with the help of YBMate – an advanced Facebook video downloader. There is no doubt that with the excessive video sharing function, Facebook has become a perfect video platform, besides the giant Youtube. Thanks to the open-door sharing policy, Facebook users now can film themselves, upload into Facebook and share it to thousands of people. This is when the demand for a video Facebook downloader peaks.

However, there are many Facebook videos downloader online available on the Internet, making users overloaded and cannot make a decision of what they should go for. Many free Facebook downloaders can pose a threat to your device as they can carry viruses. Some others, on the other hand, are safe to use, but they run too slowly, thus waiting for each video to be downloaded is extremely time-consuming.

YBMate is not a platform like this. Its safety and speed have been proven by many users. Ybmate is totally free download video from Facebook, enabling you to save Facebook videos to your devices and convert these videos to different formats suit your needs. this Facebook downloader also allows users to download videos from other video platforms, including Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break, Lynda, Netflix, Hulu, Soundcloud, Liveinternet,…

How to download a video from Facebook?

YBMate Facebook downloader online is easy to use. Here the detailed steps of how to download Facebook videos

  • Paste the needed video’s link in the download box at the top of the main page
  • Click on the CONVERT button
  • A list of available video solutions and formats will appear, choose the solution and format you would like your Facebook downloader video to have
  • Click Download and Done

Using YBMate to download videos is so easy. Source: What’s New in Publishing
Using YBMate to download videos is so easy. Source: What’s New in Publishing

Now, you have successfully downloaded the videos you want from the Facebook platform. However, when using YBMate, you just can download a maximum of 24 videos simultaneously. As it is a free Facebook downloader, do not want more. This is too perfect for a free video downloading platform. In addition, remember to select the appropriate file format and solution before clicking the Download button.

Download Facebook videos on Chrome

Saving a video for later use is so easy with free Facebook downloader YBMate. All you need is a PC or a laptop connected to the Internet in order to use this Facebook downloader chrome. Depend on the length of the video, the solutions and formats that you wish to download your videos in, the time to save each video is a great difference. You may find a video just need several minutes to download whereas another may take even an hour. So just do as we have instructed and do different tasks instead of sitting in front of the computer screen and waiting for an hour for a video to be downloaded.

In order to speed up the downloading process of this HD Facebook downloader, you need a great computer and a strong internet connection. If your internet connection is overloaded, it may take a lot of time to download a video. Therefore, if long videos with large capacity are what you need and your internet speed is too slow, you can plug in the device overnight until the next morning to have the video saved in your device. If you can, wait till the late night when the networks are almost empty and start your downloading.

As the app is regularly upgraded in order to bring the most pleasant experiences for users selecting this Facebook downloader online, the instructions, therefore, is always changing. But don’t worry. We will also upgrade these useful guides regularly so that you can get the latest updates.

Mobile Facebook downloader

If you want to use this video Facebook downloader, you need to keep in mind that using third-party apps to download video from any video sharing platforms, including Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, for instance, is illegal if you do not get the proper permission from the copyright owners. So, be careful and read the terms of service fully before clicking. Most users ignore these terms when using any app and platform and this behaviour can cause them several troubles related to copyright infringement.

Besides, due to the storage capacity, you should not use this HD Facebook downloader to save an excessive amount of videos to your android device or they will cause your smartphone to be slow. Just download some that you really need so to ensure that your smartphone can run smoothly as normal.

Facebook downloader online for PC

No advertisement is what makes users prefer YBMate to other platforms. Source: YouTube
No advertisement is what makes users prefer YBMate to other platforms. Source: YouTube

However, when it comes to PC and computer, thanks to their great storage capacity, you now can download any video you like, as long as your devices and your internet connection are strong enough. Things come easier to use this Facebook downloader for your PC or computer. You can choose the file, convert it into the format that you need and then download it. Of course, these functions are still available for android video Facebook downloader, but, as we have mentioned, saving Facebook videos to your android devices possibly make them slower.

Not only converting video files to the formats that users wish, but Facebook downloader online YBMate also allows users to convert video files into audio files to best suit your need. YBMate charges no cost for this perfect service and it is also highly customizable. Running totally free, YBMate has no advertisements popping up when you are using its incredible downloading service. And this is what makes YBMate outstanding from other free Facebook downloader apps or platforms.

As you might know, there are always costs to run any platforms, either high or low. That is the reason why many Facebook downloader online allows businesses to show their advertisements as an income. Many users can understand this because they are using services free and the poping ads are nothing much to complain about. However, it cannot be denied that these ads sometimes cause them annoying, especially when they are waiting for their long videos to be completely downloaded and an advertisement popping up, asking you to wait for another 10 seconds.

When it comes to saving any video from any video sharing platform, not only Facebook but also youtube, Instagram or Dailymotion,… YBMate is an amazing download Facebook videos.